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 Services Available

For further information about available (or possible other) services, please visit the FAQ's page, or contact Natalie directly: 

 (314) 243-4619  or

Alternatively, you may also visit the "Contact" page and send a message there as well. 

   Initial Consultation               $250   

An initial consultation is an assessment of the needs of the family and dying person, and takes 1-2 hours to complete.   

Follow-Up Support          $40/hour

Follow-up support includes further information gathering, coordinating logistical support, connection to further resources, or support in the event of an unexpected hospital emergency. 

End of Life Doula Package  $600

This package includes up to 20 hours of services and support. A detailed service plan accompanies this package, the details of which must be agreed upon by both parties before services can commence.

End of Life Doula Package $1,200

This complete package includes all necessary follow-up and phone-based support, respite care, vigiling,  and bereavement support. All services and expected tasks must be agreed upon before commencement of services begins. 

(Up to 40 hours.)

"Emergency" Doula Services   $50/hour 

This is for situations when someone is taken off hospice care to receive temporary emergency medical treatment in a hospital, which can present unexpected complications 

and issues.  If more than 10 hours are required, a lower hourly price may be negotiated.

Companion Care  $20/hour

Companion care is sitting with someone who is in decline but who is not yet actively dying.  

Bedside Vigil Support              $600

Bedside vigils can be a beautiful, fulfilling way to honor the dying process of a loved one. Please contact Natalie directly to discuss the details of this package. All conditions of services must be agreed upon before commencement of services begins.

Bereavement Support $75/hour

Grief companioning includes compassionate listening and emotional support. This may include the creation and/or use of additional rituals to bring peace and closure to the loss.

End of Life Companionship   $45-$75/hour* 

Having someone there specifically to be with the dying person as they actively process their own end of life circumstances. 

(*The rate may be flexible depending on a number of factors. Please visit the FAQ's for further details)

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